Showcasing and selling Authentic, Ukrainian, Woolen, Hand-made goods

Babushka at a glance


Made from authentic wool, Babushka is an absolute cold-killer when it comes to the stereotypical Canadian winter. Is your appartment freezing? Are you tired of frosty feet in your winter boots? The Babushka products line is right for you!

One of a kind

Babushka items are one of a kind. We use knit techniques our family has been developing and passing on through generations for hundreds of years. There are no blueprints or paperwork involved, everything is in our heads.

Hand made

We only use a good old pair of knit sticks and a smile to produce our goods, no machinery or factory work is involved. This means each item often takes tens of hours to produce. Your product will arrive with no labels or plastic packaging. We will even let you lie about who knit it ;)